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We could ALL use a little cheer this time of year! Introducing our first Secret Sister package! 

This secret package sent to your favorite person will contain a top, sweater, cozy winter item or pair of leggings PLUS fun accessories! ($40 Value!)

The secret package will contain a note letting the recipient know that someone special was thinking of them & wanted to send a little happy mail their way, keeping your identity a secret! 

Prior to adding to cart, please choose a size that would appropriately fit your Secret Sister. (Small - XLarge)

**Important** At checkout, in the shipping information, please include THEIR shipping info so the package can be sent directly to them. If you are sending a package to a fellow Bubbly Babe and need us to facilitate adding their shipping address to your order, please email letting us know who you would like to send your package to & we will do our best to accommodate!

ALSO-- all Secret Sister packages sent to current Bubbly customers will be checked to make sure they receive something they don't already currently own! 

If you would like to receive a secret sister package yourself (we are BIG fans of this!) OR would like to hand deliver your Secret Sister package yourself, simply use your own shipping information at checkout!