Sara Smith
Sara is originally from Long Island, New York! Her entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in her teens when she got a job in High School working in a shoe store. She eventually turned that part time jobinto a full time career and ran multiple high volume stores over the following 12 years. Her dream to own a boutique of her own was inspired by the local boutiques she would often shop at in and around her home town. She loved the individualized, unique and personal feel that boutiques had in comparison to the big box corporate stores. After leaving corporate retail 5 years ago && meeting Tanner, she realized she finally found the piece to the puzzle that could make this 15 year old dream a reality. The road to get here was long but the dream was bigger && every single decision has lead her right here—exactly where she belongs. 

Fun Fact: "In High School, I used to write down what I wore every day so I wouldn’t repeat an outfit." 

What She Looks Most Forward to with Bubbly: "Black Friday is my highlight of the year!" 

Favorite Part About Owning Bubbly: "Seeing the products go from design, to order, to our customers wearing & embodying the vision we had for each piece!"

She is always down for: "Happy Hour."

Tanner Clemens

Tanner was born and raised in the country right outside of a small town in the middle of Kansas. She’s from a family of 7, so she’s never known a life that wasn’t busy and a little bit chaotic. From a young age, Tanner had a very strong work ethic. When her time wasn’t taken up with sports, she was babysitting, mowing lawns, working and doing every outdoor chore around the house that she could to make money. Being from a small town there wasn’t any places to shop at. Whenever her family would drive an hour way to the “city” where there was actually a place besides Walmart to go to, Tanner would save up her money and spend everything she had on clothes, shoes and accessories.
She always had a dream of one day owning a clothing store but never thought it would be something that would ever be realistic for her. In college she ended up majoring in Exercise Science, but quickly learned that being a personal trainer and working extremely long hours was not going to provide the life that she envisioned for herself and future family. Multiple career changes later led her back to thing she loved most.. Shopping.
That was when the idea of opening a boutique started to blossom and she then partnered with her best friend Sara to make the dream come true. With the support of her husband and the love of her 2 pups, she gets to live out her dream through Shop Bubbly Boutique every single day.

Fun Fact: “I took my senior pictures with all of my shoes and wore sneakers with my dress to every prom and dance.” 
What She Looks Most Forward to with Bubbly: “Destination Photoshoots! I love getting to travel.”
Favorite thing about owning Bubbly: Shopping for and being able to hand pick every item to fit our customers needs and to help them beautiful and confident in what they wear.
She is always down for: Bottomless mimosas & a nap.

While Tanner and Sara’s backgrounds could not be more different, their dreams could not be more aligned.
A message from the Owners...

We are Tanner & Sara, the owners of Shop Bubbly Boutique! With the support of our husbands, on September 29, 2017, we put our heads together from opposite sides of the country to create the vision that you are about to experience!

The vision for ‘Bubbly’ came from our shared love for fashion, business & a good glass of champagne. The very beginning of our friendship also ironically came together in a Champagne Lounge while on vacation--perfect foreshadowing of the future!

We thought the word Bubbly -- as defined as lively, sparkling, enthusiastic and full of good spirits, perfectly described the image we wanted to live out and spread to our business and customers.

When we started Shop Bubbly Boutique we had a dream to open a boutique that is catered to the type of amazing women who have inspired us in business, our friendships, families, and lives. 

We wanted all women to have a place to shop for clothes & accessories that are fashionable yet functional for everyday wear. We know clothes aren’t going to change the world -- but we believe that the women who wear them will!
Our hope is that you will find pieces for any occasion that will make you feel comfortable, confident & beautiful in the outfit you wear! 

We hope you can feel how much love we have poured into making Bubbly a shopping experience that brings you joy! We love the amazing relationships we have built over the past 2 years and are so happy to welcome everyone to the Bubbly family!

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