A little about Tali...

"I’m 34 years old and I am an attorney in New York. I enjoy being a mom, dancing, wine nights and spending time with my son Tyler and my husband Evan. I love to go out East on Long Island to the vineyards or to upstate New York to see the fall foliage!"

What sizing details would you like to share about clothing from Bubbly? 
"I am 5’4 and for sweaters in Bubbly I usually wear a small! For the butter leggings, a medium, and the butter sports bras a medium or large. For the basics collection I wear a small but can easily wear a medium. Bike shorts I wear medium but can easily wear a large. For bralettes I like a little extra room in the large but can absolutely do a medium! For dresses, especially maxi dresses, I tend to be a small. The fit of bubbly items is very true to size and adaptable!"

What drew you to shop Bubbly & to remain a loyal customer since your first order in March of last year?
"The biggest piece is that it’s like a family and that I get the privilege of supporting a true life small business built from the ground up off an idea between two best friends—two women getting together and creating something special and I am so here for it. I love that they cater to ALL sizes and represent ALL sizes. Thought and consideration goes into each piece they select to be featured. I have never shopped online so comfortably in my life. Every piece I have is durable and long lasting. Every piece introduced is better than the last. I also love the Facebook live sales which have become a staple in my week where I go and shop alongside family and friends. Bubbly is not just a boutique—it’s a lifestyle and a family!"

What is a piece of wisdom or advice or inspiration you can share with other women who may be reading about you? 
"One piece of advice I can give is to love the skin you’re in and to appreciate the moment and season of life that you’re currently in whatever that may be. I think it is so important to just honor where we are and I think it’s special that my connection with, and love for, bubbly has been with me through many life seasons, making me feel beautiful through it all. Honor the season you’re in and feel beautiful while you’re there!"

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