A Little bit about Sam...

"Hi Y’all,

My name is Samantha, some may call me Sam, however in the world of bubbly- I am also known as Regnavel. (That’s a story for another time ). I’m 33 years old and live in Savannah, GA. I’m a 911 paramedic and spend 72+ hours a week serving my community on the ambulance. When I’m not at work, I enjoy shopping, trying new makeup trends, scrolling TikTok, and spending time with my husband and our fur babies! When I really want to enjoy my time off- you can find me somewhere up north. Whether it’s visiting my girlfriends in New York or my family in Idaho, I want to be where the weather is cold/cooler…call me crazy right? Any who, let’s carry on…

I first discovered Bubbly back in the fall of 2019 through a friend who shared a photo on instagram and I thought to myself “I love that outfit!”. At the time I was seriously struggling with my wardrobe and fashion sense…I mean come on, wearing tactical pants/boot 24/7 you kind of lose yourself when it comes to fashion…or at least I did. Their clothing is so relatable and comfortable. It’s the perfect style for me.I love being able to dress up my looks or go totally casual depending on the occasion! If you don’t own a top from the comfy shirt collection or!a pair (or several) of the butter leggings you’re missing out. It’s rare you’ll ever catch me in jeans. I’m a firm believer leggings are life! #teamleggingsarepants
After my first purchase I was hooked. Bubbly made fashion easy for me. Whether it’s basic or bold pieces- I know I’m going to have great options. I can no longer use the excuse “I have nothing to wear!”. FYI- the live sales are the absolute BEST…chit chatting with all the other bubbly babes and shopping at the same time? I call that a win! Seeing REAL WOMEN wearing the clothes, in real time, who are actually able to answer any fit, material, brand questions ect is a GAME CHANGER!!

Sara and Tanner really have created a comfortable, fun, and supportive place for us to shop and be/express ourselves. Between them and other Bubbly shoppers- finding the best size is easier with the advice and info from everyone!

For reference I am 5’2 and 160lbs. In Bubbly tops I wear a size large, but if the top runs more flowy, I tend to size down. So as far as tops go, I lean towards medium and large depending on brand and cut! For bottoms I wear a large and am roughly a size 10/12.

To end this little novel of mine I’m going to share a quote from the queen herself, Taylor Swift. “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

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